Winter Wilderness Weddings - Queenstown

Snow seeking couples heading to Queenstown for a winter ski/snowboarding getaway, may also like to think about making the most of the powered for an epic winter elopement or wedding ceremony.

Heli Elopements for the Wild HeartsHeli Elopements for the Wild Hearts

The mountains around Glenorchy are like a magnet to adventure seekers from around the world, and for those free spirits who have found their sole mate, these mighty peaks are a perfect place to start their married adventure together.

"So How Long With This Ordeal Take?"

I was working with a beautiful adventurous couple recently, who decided to take a break between walking two of NZ’s top walking tracks (Milford and Routeburn) to get secretly married in Paradise, near Glenorchy. We started to discuss dates, hair and makeup, flowers and other important details before the bride asked: “So how long will this ordeal take?”. This made me giggle as the definition of an ordeal is: "A very unpleasant and painful or difficult experience”... AND that is definitely not the experience I want for any of our couples.

Misty Mountain Wedding CeremoniesMisty Mountain Wedding Ceremonies

This magical Southern Alps location can often throw is some challenging weather but with that brings some amazing romantic moody wedding photos, as well as some really hilarious, funny moments, as we make our way through the elements, so our couples can have the most memorable day.